New York City Department of Transportation


The 9 Bridge Rehabilitation Program is the effort of New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) providing the coordination for rehabilitating 9 bridges to extend their service life. Rehabilitation work impacts local communities and highways and includes steel, and concrete repairs and replacement, electrical repairs, structural deck repairs, sidewalk and railing repairs, milling, and paving, painting, lighting improvements and utility coordination.

BCGs Community Construction Liaison (CCL) is working on site with NYCDOT on the rehabilitation of these bridges across several NYC boroughs, including Springfield Boulevard Bridge over the Belt Parkway, the Bridge over 26th Avenue, the Hillside Avenue Bridge over the Belt Parkway, Francis Lewis Boulevard Bridge, Grand Concourse Bridge over East 204th Street, 130th Avenue Bridge, 149th Place Bridge over LIRR. These are community bridges that connect local neighborhoods and are directly adjacent to residences and businesses. The rehabilitation, like many of our ongoing and completed projects, has a significant impact on local communities. Our role is to communicate with the community and notify of the construction and impacts to the surrounding neighborhoods.

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