Community Outreach & Stakeholder Engagement

You may be introducing these dynamic programs for your project for the first time.

We are experts in this field, and we are here to help guide you and develop a plan to represent your project through to completion.

Stakeholder Engagement – Stakeholders are consulted on matters that come under their jurisdiction

Community Outreach & Engagement – Anyone who has an interest in the project including the community and stakeholders can be involved

Community Construction Liaison – A dedicated officer who works with both stakeholders and the community together with our clients identifying and resolving concerns relating to your project.  This service ensures regular updates and advisories reach the community and stakeholders about your project by implementing workshops, conducting meetings, distribution of newsletters and construction postings ensuring lines of communication remain open.  These services may have a defined start and finish date or may include ongoing services for the duration of your project.  We will deliver a campaign via a dedicated officer and relationship manager.  With these services your team will receive a level of detail and skilled approach enhancing our clients’ reputation within the anticipated work related community.  Our background allows effective interfacing of projects with general public, community groups and businesses alike.  This is specifically important in dense urban areas such as New York City, where construction will impede local businesses, residents, public institutions, community leaders, elected officials, other  local private construction projects, and City agencies.

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